A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows and macOS

About:  You've always been captivated by your quiet next door neighbor, Miyagi Kojima. One winter afternoon, you get a knock on the door that will forever change your fate with her.

Unlockable extra scene!
Eight unlockable CG

Backgrounds and soundfx: BassNovel, soundbible, royalty free images
UI buttons: ThayBrownie
Music: EricMatayas: http://soundimage.org/

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Install instructions

To Play, click "nw-app"


Miyagi's Shell 64-bit.zip 158 MB
Miyagi's Shell 32-bit.zip 155 MB
Miyagi's Shell mac.zip 161 MB

Development log


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im glad i finally could play it , i like this visual novel :) thank you :)


hello :) i downloaded it but i cant seem to find the icon to  start the game ; am i missing something?

The file to play the game is called "nw-app". it's an executable black icon. Sorry, I forgot to rename it when I updated the game.

Deleted 1 year ago

i looked all over but i  cant find it , i thought maybe it was hidden but its not that either, i downloaded that mac version and there i see some different " nw-app" thing , im on windows 10 so i dont think i could play a mac version ?  the drawing/art from the screenshot looks beautiful  even if i cant play it

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If you are using windows 10, please download the windows version that corresponds to you system (32-bit or 64-bit). The mac version is only for apple computers. I will check my files when I get home to make sure


thank you very much :)


I check the files and it is the "nw-app" file. Happy playing!